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Monday, September 21, 2015

best Nokia smartphone concepts to come 2016

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Nokia Smartphone concepts is a realm that requires unlimited imagination and artistic creativity. The more appealing your design is, the more people get to know and fall in love with it with Nokia Smartphones. With the public popularity, the chance for such concept to be considered and brought into live by smartphone producers is much higher, especially with the upcoming comeback of Nokia Phones 2016.
As Nokia is planning a huge coming after ending their contract with Microsoft in Start of 2016, many aspiring designers all over the world started to introduce their concept to the media. Nokia smartphone fans in general and technology fans everywhere can’t be more excited to await for the official “reborn” of the legend next year. Here are 4 of the most amazing Nokia smartphone concepts found in 2015.

Nokia Power Ranger Specs

Nokia Power Ranger is a dual-boot smartphone running on both Window Phone 8.1 and Android 4.4. A Snapdragon 805 processor clocked at 2.5 GHz powers the phone while an Adreno 420 GPU takes care of graphic.

Together with a 5.1” featuring 2K display, the Nokia Power Ranger excites fans with 4GB RAM, 24.2 Pureview camera and a generous 512 GB ROM for maximum storage in Philippines.

Nokia Swan Specs

Coming from a Vietnamese designer, Nokia Swan concept is a smartphone + tablet hybrid. It can be used normally as a complete smartphone (5.3” display), fits in the hands and works super smooth. Then when you want, it can be opened and turned into a phablet (11” display) in no time. Nokia Swan concept comes with 4GB of RAM (which never stops to heat up the technology world), and 128GB of internal storage.

Nokia E1 Specs

The Nokia E1 concept is such a unique one with has a totally different design and has zero relation with any Lumia devices. Running Android should be the best decision Nokia can make with the next device, so our question for now is whether they will go with the popular Lollipop 5.0 or newly launched Marshmallow 6.0. One more detail about the Nokia E1 smartphone concepts is that the device has a  fully laminated zero air gap display, with a 4.95 inch diagonal and Full HD resolution.

Nokia N1 Specs

Firstly, don’t confuse this Nokia N1 smartphone concepts with the already launched Nokia N1 tablet. This Nokia N1 smartphone is actually one of the first and earliest Nokia smartphone concepts ever made, long before the company announced their planned return next year. And it is still one of the best Nokia smartphone concepts by far.
In the concept, Nokia N1 smartphone will feature a 41MP camera with signature PureView sensor and Android Kitkat OS. Just to make things clear, the device is expected to come with Android Kitkat since back then (2012, when the concept was first got to know), Kitkat was the latest version. If Nokia make the N1 come true next year, then we can totally expect it will run over Android Marshmallow.

Nokia Smartphones 2016 Philippines – Conclusion
What do you think about those Nokia smartphones we just introduced? Is there any favorite device that you want Nokia to bring to real life, especially when Nokia phones are returning to the smartphone market in 2016. Microsoft’s contract with Nokia is ending in the beginning of 2016, so we might see the Nokia Comeback in 2016 real soon!

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