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Sunday, February 14, 2016

Boost ur pc net connection by 20%

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Boost ur pc net connection by 20%-

At the days of high speed and traffic everyone wants there net connection speed's to the max .
Boost ur pc net connection by 20%

So here are few tweaks to be made in ur windows os registry to make ur internet connection boost by 20% As the 20% of our net speed are  keept reserved which by our trick gets add on and give u 20% much faster internet experience✈✈✈

Lets start todays program ��

1)Open the start button in ur windows os if 7 then the round logo one .

2)click on "RUN" .type "GPEDIT.MSC"(without comas).

3)then a new window will be popped up before you dont jst look at it��
Take ur cursor to Computer Configuration.

4)below computer configuaration click on the +mark present at side of Administrative templates.

5) you will find a sub section naming network click on the + mark present at side of it ull get again a sub category naming "QOS PACKET SHEDULER "click on it not on the + mark�� u ll find limit reversible bandwidth double click on it 

6) after double clicking on limit reversible bandwidth ull get a popup window saying that the limit net settings are on default jst click
ENABLE there and remove 20 there and type 0 .

7) there is nothing left what ur looking for is finished �� click apply and have a restart and see the change in ur network speed.

Note:- folks can check net speed before and after in 

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