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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

EUROCOM Sky X9W Laptop with 64GB RAM, 5TB Hard Disk and 6 USB Ports

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EUROCOM Sky X9W Laptop with 64GB RAM, 5TB Hard Disk and 6 USB Ports -

 If you are looking for more RAM, EUROCOM has just the right thing for you. Eurocom has launched its Sky X9W Laptop with 64GB RAM in the market. The model is an upgraded version of its last year Sky X9. It doesn’t stop there, you also get a huge 5 TB HDD and 6 USB Ports in the X9W model. But for all these, you have to spend $2930 for the starting model which comes to around Rs.198000 and the highest range laptop comes with a price tag of $11473 which comes to around Rs.775000.
  • Chipset: It comes with Intel Z170 Express powerful chipset
  • Processor: This laptop is powered by a Quad-core processor in which you can buy maximum of Intel i7.
  • RAM: On starting model, you gets a 16GB DDR4 RAM and maximum you can buy a 64GB DDR4 RAM.
  • Display: You get a big 17.3″ FULL HD (1920*1080) resolution display in the starting model and maximum you get a 17.3″ 4K UltraHD  display which has 3840*2160 pixels.
  • Storage: You get a 4 drives which can house a maximum of 5TB hard disk space.
With this specification, you can run whatever you want to run, be it a Windows 7, Windows 8.1 or a Windows 10 Operating System. You get a 6 in 1 card reader slot and illuminated backlit Keyboard in which you get customize a maximum of upto 7 colors. On security front, you get a TPM 2.0, Fingerprint sensor and a kensington Lock. This laptop comes with so many features and so it has a weight of 4.8kg with a dimension of 428*308*45mm.
It also comes with Coollaboratory Liquid Ultra thermal paste on the CPU which helps in cooling down the temperature since you get a high processor. The company also comes with a unique warranty in which it provides protection for overclocking of hardware which results into failure of CPU and GPU. Well the laptop X9W comes with a 3-year warranty.

Even though it is being provided with Collaboratory Liquid Ultra Thermal paste to beat the high temperature of processors, it has also arranged multiple fans on the board to draw the head out of the laptop to cool it. On connectivity front, USB 3.1 type-C port, a headphone, Mic, two LAN, five USB 3.0 port, an HDMI port, Wi-Fi connectivity.
The company in its press release has told that its Sky X9W  laptop is the most powerful “Mobile Workstation” ever made. It is a completely user-upgradeable, fully customizable and extremely flexible design, allowing the Sky X9W to be configured with a variety of options including various Quadro GPUs and high performance desktop socket processors. The EUROCOM Sky X9W has mission critical reliability and super computer performance with quality to last and upgradeability to improve capability along the way.
Lets see how it performs in the market, till than stay tune to My-Unite2 for more information about the latest tech news.
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