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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

How to give your Android phone a huge Speed

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Give Your Android Phone a Huge Speed boost, just like Apple speed up iOS 7.1

Apple released their eagerly anticipated iOS 7.1 update recently and while the new software added a bunch of new features and cleaned up a few annoying bugs, there is one thing in particular that stands out as the best thing about iOS 7.1 > the speed improvements. Apple's new iOS 7.1 software is incredibly fast on I phones and iPads.

                With a few simple adjustments to three settings. You can enjoy the some great speed improvement in your Android  Smartphones or Tablets.

            One of the many great things about Android is its flexibility. Google's  mobile software is open to all kinds of 3rd party tweaks & enhancements , but it also has some build in features that some owners can take advantage of to change the user experience.

             On such feature allow Android device users to speed up the ' transition animations ' that display when they switch apps and when windows open & close.

 The tweaks are available within the setting of all recent Android phones in a section called " Developer option ".

This section might be hidden on some phones, but it is very easy to access.

        If  "developer option is hidden, then go to Setting > about phone > tap on "Build Number" 7 times > now back & you find ' developer option' in Settings.
After find " developer option", simply scroll down until you find the following settings ->

Window Animation scale-> set it ".5x"

Transition Animation scale-> set it ".5x"

Animator duration scale-> set it ".5x"
Give Your Android Phone a Huge Speed boost
 iOS 7.1 completely changed the feel of the iPhone user experience by speeding up transitions. You will do the same thing for Android devices. Adjusting these settings shouldn't effect on your battery life.
Enjoy Speed.

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