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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Samsung working on Two Screen Designs

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Samsung working on Two Screen Designs For the Flagship Galaxy Note 6 -

Samsung is the only smartphone manufacturer that has a capacity to give a tough competition to the tech giant and Apple. 
Just as Apple, Samsung too release one flagship each year and this time too excitement and curiosity is rising about the upcoming phablet from Samsung which  is the new Galaxy Note 6. Galaxy Note series is one of the most popular phablet Samsung has ever made and it performed as per the expectation giving a good percentage of sales. Last year,Samsung Galaxy Note 5 was good at specifications and this year people are waiting for the next Note series which is Galaxy Note 6.
Galaxy Note 6
As per the Dutch site GSMHelpDesk, Samsung, the South Korean company is currently working on two variants of the next Galaxy Note series which is the Galaxy Note 6 phablet. The two variant differs in terms of how the screen is made. We all know that Samsung has used this trick earlier also where it used two types of flagships. We all know that Samsung has released two variants of Galaxy S7, one was a flat screen smartphone while the other Galaxy S7 Edge was the curved screen smartphone which has edge on right and left side of the front screen. 
 As per the rumours, Galaxy Note 6 will come with 6GB RAM. The phablet will house a big 5.77-inch QHD display which might come in two variants just like S7. In short, you might see, Galaxy Note 6 with flat 5.77-inch QHD display and Galaxy Note 6 Edge with curved edge on left and right side of the front 5.77-inch QHD display. Samsung has always worked in increasing the sales by using one smartphone in different ways just like January 2016, Samsung launched Galaxy Note 5 in Dual-SIM variant.
Right now, Samsung is testing its Galaxy Note 6 in two types of screen and most probably it will launch just one type of screen as per the GSMHelpDesk. But we don’t know that is running in Samsung mind. It might launch one type of flat screen sized Galaxy Note 6 and few months after, it might launch the other variant which is edge variant of Galaxy Note 6. The Edge variant might be priced Rs.10,000 more than the flat screen variant just like the S7 and S7 edge.
The Galaxy Note 5 was launched on 13 August 2015 and so the expected launch date of Galaxy Note 6  is in the mid of August. It will come with Android Marshmallow 6 out of the box and will also receive the future Android N update next year.

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