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Thursday, June 9, 2016

ASUS Launcher APK Android Launcher

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ASUS Launcher  APK Android Launcher

ASUS Launcher is a fully simulated launcher and a software interface and user interface Zenfone Asus phones (Female fauna) that was introduced in Google Play as the ASUS Launcher ZenUi by those able to make Android Home Screen Personalize your way possible. The launcher has attracted Users in Google bridge and about 500 thousand times Download high 4.6 points to allocate.
ASUS Launcher Apk ( Link- 1  / Link- 2 )

Features :-
✤ pull up (Swipe up) on the main page to open the ASUS Launcher
✤ all transparent background (All app background transparency) allows you to program your appearance wallpapers coordinate.
✤ applications (Apps) Quick to give your All-Apps.
✤ widgets (Widgets) secret access to all the choices you make widgets.
✤ icon packs (Icon packs) may change the appearance of your app icons gives you.
✤ effects scroll (Scroll effects) may choose to use a special animation when the home pages (home pages) look over to you.
✤ Edit pages and page management edit Set homepage home page gives you.
✤ feature allows you wallpaper Wallpapers to your preferred home screen, lock screen, or both put.
✤ Preferences allows ASUS Launcher settings such as font, programs, animation, scrolling, unread count, the wallpaper, and icons / folder customize.
✤ Settings feature gives you quick access to your device’s Settings menu.
✤ More options to ZenUI Help and quick access to the Play Store.

Tips and tricks :

• When you’re on the home page for page management (Page Management) to zoom out on your device.
• On the Home screen, you can also open the ASUS Launcher Tap and hold on an empty space.
• To add applications and widgets to your home screen, tap and hold on the app or widget, then drag and drop it to the desired location (drag-and-drop).
• To remove or disable multiple-page All Apps menu option Uninstall / Disable use.

• To find a hidden program, go to Hide apps eye then small icon on the bottom center of the screen tap. The icon next to the index page is dotted.
ASUS Launcher  APK Android Launcher

ASUS Launcher  APK Android Launcher

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